Garage Sales

Seller’s Garage Sale

Getting ready to put your home on the market-think garage sale as it will be a great place to start with:

  • Eliminate the clutter and make your home feel and look bigger to attract potential buyers.
  • Be through with your house by sorting our items you can do without .Be realistic and ask “When did I use this last?” and then place all items in the center of the room for pricing
  • Plan on doing the garbage sale for at least for two days over te weekend
  • Hard to sale items do a 2 for 1 price or bundle price
  • Saves time and effort of moving items that you can sell that are no longer used in many years.
  • Have fun turning your unwanted items into cash as it will be useful to have the extra cash for any unexpected expenses or for purchases in the new home.
  • If items don’t get sold then it is that much easier to donate.


  • Set the date & check the weather
  • Advertise in advance with hours (no early birds) & address: Local paper & handouts, store bulletin boards, tell friends, family & neighbors – ask to assist you – no pictures.
  • Polish, clean, repair & mend everything that will be for sale.
  • Price items right.
  • Stock up on bags, tape, rope.
  • Money for making change – rolls of coins, etc. Keep track of the amount that you started with.
  • Only accept checks from local banks.
  • Are there any sentimental items .
  • Are there items that have large monetary that are collectable such as: antiques, artwork, coins, stamps, music/records or sports items.
  • Clean the garage & yard.
  • Display items upfront & clearly visible. Don’t price clothing just wing it as it can be difficult to determine.
  • Have a banner, balloons, streamers, wind chimes or even low music playing.

Designed and developed by Saumil Nagariya