Moving Check List

One Month Before Moving Check

  • Start getting estimates on moving: Moving Company, Rental Truck
  • Pick up your health records: Medical, Dental, Optometrist, School Records
  • School Records
  • Financial / Legal Records
  • Veterinarian Records
  • Keep the move simple: Good time to consider what is worth keeping
  • Plan a Garage Sale
  • Begin to try to use perishable foods: Not worth packing
  • Obtain packing supplies: Boxes, Packing Tape, Paper, Markers
  • Start packing & labeling items you know you won’t need
  • Obtain a Change of Address kit from the Post Office
  • Give your new address to: Banks, Credit Card Co., Insurance, Employer

Three Weeks Before Moving Check List

  • Contact your children’s new school & make any necessary arrangements
  • Open (transfer) a bank account in your new town
  • Make arrangements for connections of utilities at your new home
  • Have your vehicles serviced, as necessary
  • Make arrangements for auto registration & insurance, as necessary
  • Make arrangements with a Moving Company, as necessary

Two Weeks Before Moving Check List

  • Make arrangements to close (or transfer) your old bank account
  • Dispose of poisons, flammables & corrosives
  • Make arrangements for disconnection of utilities at your old home
  • Contact newspaper in old town to cancel subscription
  • Arrange for childcare on Moving Day, as necessary
  • Library Books returned or other items that need to be return

One Weeks Before Moving Check List

  • Clear out Safety Deposit Box
  • DPick up Traveler’s Checks, as necessary
  • Begin to plan meals around cleaning out the refrigerator & pantry
  • Use or drain fuel/oil from lawn mowers, trimmers, etc
  • Ensure you have adequate supplies of Prescription Medications
  • Library Books returned or other items that need to be return
  • Do your family & friends have your new address & phone number
  • Notify Utility Company: Discount or Transfer

Day Before Moving Check List

  • Defrost & clean out your refrigerator
  • Clean other appliances as necessary
  • Pack your old Phone Book for reference as necessary
  • Touch base with everyone who is supposed to help on Moving Day
  • Thoroughly clean house, Tidy the yard, garage, shed, Get rid of garbage
  • Any building materials related to the property, could be appreciated by new owners
  • Welcome to your new home: Personal note for the new owners


  • Take down window coverings that are not attached to the wall
  • Strip beds
  • Pack / Load remaining items as necessary
  • Make one last, through sweep of house & property for forgotten items
  • Make sure doors & windows are locked
  • Ensure Moving Company has correct address (cell phone number)
  • Using a road map, go over the best route to your new home with others
  • Collect & label all keys, extra house keys, garage, shed, mailbox
  • Place keys, garage door opener + codes, security system info in a conspicuous space
  • Leave behind any instruction books, warranties, any repair records


  • Check Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Ensure all windows & doors lock properly
  • Obtain new Safety Deposit Box
  • Contact all publications with subscriptions
  • Register to vote
  • Purchase a new address return stamp at any office supply store

Moving Resources

  • – for trucks rentals but also great for getting boxes & other Packing supplies.
  • – for packing & storage solutions. They deliver a pod & you pack It up & they get it to your next home or will store it for you.
  • – junk removal services

Designed and developed by Saumil Nagariya