Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

There are many reasons why someone will put their home on the market; job relocation, moving up to a bigger home, starting a family but whatever the reasons, you need to find a real estate agent to help you oversee the process.

Why is it more important today more than ever to have a Realtor®; primarily due to the ever changing requirements with disclosures, New Consumer Laws that come into effect every year and the advancement of new marketing technology and that is just the beginning of basic knowledge that a Realtor® needs to know.

A great real estate agent will work with you to understand what is the appropriate expectations based on the market conditions & condition of the property to decide what you can do to get a higher selling price, and will work to find the right buyer based on the timeline you are seeking.

As a seller you want to pick a real estate agent that can relate to you, listens, cares and understand your needs.

Local To The Area

There are many reasons why someone will put their home on the market; job relocation, moving up to a bigger home, Knowable about the community, neighborhoods which includes builders and what governs the area is key to having your home sold. With a local realtor there will be the best understanding of the situation to serve you.


Your home will be the biggest financial investment you currently have, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes in the sale. You need to rely on experience Realtor® who has sold a respectable amount of houses during the year. For most agents, the average is dozen or so properties a year is common. The Realtor® should be full time and is dedicated to the everyday of real estate business, education & community involvement to be an effective agent.


Researching your potential real estate agent is worthwhile, as you will learn more things you might not agree with. It’s best to do the research in advance before signing any agreements then to be in the middle of a transaction. Call the local real estate association, look online to the department of real estate and search by name to make sure the Realtor® is doing a great job over the years.


What is the best way to keep in touch should be known from the very beginning as there is email, texting & phones. Learn from the Realtor® what works as it is so important to be informed throughout the process of selling a home. Never second guess as contracts, deadlines & documents are urgent.

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